ActiFry is like a Roomba for cooking

Tefal ActiFryI don’t think I’ve ever blogged about a kitchen appliance before, but in my opinion Tefal’s new ActifFry multicooker qualifies as a gadget. It makes cooking easier, and gadgets are all about making our life’s easier, right?

The ActiFry is a hot air over that stirs your food while frying it. All you need to do is put stuff into the circular pan and press to ‘on’ button. If some of your ingredients needs to cook longer than others you might need to add things later on, but other than that you can just sit back and watch things unfold. The rotating vanes will make sure your food gets cooked evenly, and there’s a timer so you can go do something else while it does the work for you.
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Gadget regret: Cordless mouse

I usually do plenty of research before buying gadgets so there are very few purchases I regret, but this year there’s one that I feel really bad about. My Logitech MX1000 laser mouse. Not because it’s a bad mouse, quite the contrary in fact, but because it lacks a tail.
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Has the Google Talk desktop client been abandoned?

I’ve been using the Google Talk application for years. It’s a lightweight Instant Messaging client that was built upon open standards and doubles as a pretty good Gmail notifier. My reason for not using another Yabber client like Miranda was that that wouldn’t allow voice chat, which I often use professionally.

Things turned a little ugly when Google decided to add a web-based gtalk ‘gadget’ to Gmail. All of a sudden I found myself being logged into the same account twice, with messages popping up in either the web or the desktop client without any sort of logic. I was quick to disable the Gmail gadget, but yesterday’s announcement of ‘Google Talk voice and video chat‘ had a big surprise in store for me. It’s a web-client-only feature.
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