XtremeMac Luna Voyager II review

Ever since my wife got her first iPhone, we’ve been on the lookout for an alarm clock docking station. Modern smartphones need to be charged every night anyway, so why not put its cradle next to ours and have it charge, occasionally play music and wake us? We wanted something that would work with the new iPad as well, and with a relatively small footprint. The people at GearZap suggested the XtremeMac Luna Voyager II, and it arrived at our house last thursday.
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iBubble Shooter now has nag screens, but can you really blame Absolutist?

Don’t get me wrong. I hate nag screens as much as anyone, but after playing the free version of iBubble Shooter for quite some time I’m can’t really blame them for trying to get me to upgrade. The game is based on the classic bust-a-move principle, in which you shoot bubbles from the bottom of the screen trying to group them together based on color. It’s pretty good, certainly the best touch screen translation of the concept that I’ve played. At € 0.80 it’s a steal. But that was even more true for the original free version.
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Anyone else getting RSI from their phone?

I’ve been using computers daily since I was twelve, and I’ve never had any trouble with RSI or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. When I look back at how I sat hunched over my Amiga 500 while playing games, that in itself is a small miracle. Nowadays, I pay close attention to my posture, and I can work long days without even the slightest hint of pain. Until I pick up one of my mobile devices that is.
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My attempt at the top 10 gadgets of the decade

When I read Engadget’s “Ten Gadgets that Defined the Decade“, I was amazed by some of their choices. I could easily think of a few gadgets that changed the way we use technology, but weren’t listed. While I agreed with a couple of items on their list, like the iPhone, I couldn’t help writing my own top 10 of the most influential gadgets of the last ten years. Here are my candidates in random order.
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Opera just made browsing on Symbian fun again

Opera logoI while ago I wrote about how Gravity, a native Twitter client for Symbian added some much-needed sexiness to that somewhat outdated operating system. But what Symbian was really lacking was a good, modern browser. And it seems like Opera has just fixed that.

Symbian’s built-in browser is painfully slow to use. It loads pages and then seems to re-render them using the attached style sheet (meaning it’ll first show you part of the page’s content and then appear to start all over again). It also does not play well with modern web apps that use lots of javascript and AJAX. I used it only if I had no other option, and greatly preferred the browser on my iPod Touch.
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Apple adds camera to… the Nano?

iPod Nano 5GI guess we all knew not to expect news about the tablet project at Apple’s press conference today. But the iPod Touch with newly added camera seemed like a sure bet. I own a Touch, and a camera would simply make it a lot better. Tonight’s big surprise was that Cupertino instead chose to add it to the Nano.
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Amazon’s Kindle doing well… but why?

amazon kindleDutch (occasionally) funnyman Youp van ‘t Hek once referred to a book as a ‘pile of faxes’, back when faxes were the latest thing. I guess that joke needs to be updated to a pile of printed emails, but it does show the generation gap between printed and digital media.

Covering some of the middle ground by trying to combine the best features of printed books and new technology, 2007 saw the release of Kindle, the first serious e-book reader. I read today that it’s still doing very well in terms of sales, even outpacing the iPod. I find myself unable to figure out why.
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On Apple’s new iPod line-up…

Apple’s new iPod line-up

Am I the only one to be less than impressed with Apple’s announcements last night? The most expensive iPod will do all sorts of things, except store all your music. An iPhone without the phone part and the email client, but with all of it’s limitations. The Nano looks damn ugly now, and then there’s the “Wi-fi music store” that has nothing to do with wireless networks besides the fact that the two target devices (iPod Touch and iPhone) happen to use wi-fi to connect to the internet. And why would you have to pay 99c to use your own song as a ringtone on your own phone?

Sure, the 160GB iPod Classic is nice, and the 80GB is a bit cheaper now. But on the whole I was far more impressed with two other new music players.
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