There is such a thing as “enough” pixels


My favorite tech site here in the Netherlands posted a brilliant article (sorry, Dutch only) on UHD television last week. In it, they theorized that in order to see the difference between normal Full HD and UHD, you’d need to be closer than one meter from your 40″ TV’s screen. I don’t know about you, but that’s not how I watch TV. I like to sit back on my couch, which is a good three to four meters from the TV.
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Apple adds camera to… the Nano?

iPod Nano 5GI guess we all knew not to expect news about the tablet project at Apple’s press conference today. But the iPod Touch with newly added camera seemed like a sure bet. I own a Touch, and a camera would simply make it a lot better. Tonight’s big surprise was that Cupertino instead chose to add it to the Nano.
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Open letter to the Movie Industry

50gb Blu-Ray disc

Dear Movie Industry,

I love movies. I go to the cinema nearly every week, buy and watch lots of DVDs and occasionally catch a flick on TV. I also love high definition video, and now that the ‘format war’ is finally settled I’m looking into buying a Blu-Ray disc player. My problem is however that I own hundreds of movies on ‘standard resolution’ DVDs. I’m afraid these will look poor by comparison, and will eventually have to be replaced.
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