My top 10 favorite Google tools/services

1. Gmail
I love gmail. It has replaced three separate installations of Thunderbird and helps me keep all my email organized. Labeling works for better than using folders and Gmail can even compare to desktop email clients when it comes to speed.

2. Search
The reason this comes in second is that I’d consider changing my default search engine more than I would my email client. I’ve been googling since day one and have yet to find a search engine that provides better results, is faster of better in any way.

3. Google Talk
I’ve used many intant messaging programs. First ICQ, then Trillian, GAIM, MSN messenger and finally Miranda. All but Miranda turned into bloatware with tons of silly features. Leave it up to Google to create a completely clutter-free chat program with all the right features. Except video chat, which I expect to be added in the near future.

4. Google Calendar
Keeping a calendar has never been a talent of mine. This one is so convenient even I keep it up to date. Being able to share calendars is great. Now if only I would be able to sync it with my mobile phone…

5. Docs & spreadsheets
I use OpenOffice for private documents, but when collaborating over the internet with other people, this service’s ability to share documents is incredibly powerful. Besides that, the way they’ve made these apps using browser technology is amazing.

6. Personalized Homepage
Fast enough to actually be set a your homepage, yet it provides be me with an overview of my calendar, my email and several RSS feeds. I also use a notebook thingy for reminders and todo-lists.

7. Earth
It’s so much fun to see your car parked in front of your house from high up in the sky 😉

8. Youtube / Video
I’ve hooked up an old computer to my TV which now allows me to “zap” to YouTube when there’s nothing on regular TV (which imho is happens often). This might very well be (part of) the future of television…

9. Adsense
I don’t “love” Adsense, but it works. And Google pays me money. Not a whole lot, but enough to cover Choking on Popcorn‘s hosting bill. And at least this way I don’t have to put up large animated banners or anything.

10. Browser sync
A while ago, Matt wrote about how the new version finally works OK, and I agree. It’s quite nice to have bookmarks, history, etc synced between my four frequently used Firefox installs.

Roy | January 12, 2007 | English,Internet | Comments (1)

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  1. I love gMail the most out of all of these… I just wish that I didn’t have to manually click a button to retrieve external pop3 accounts through it though… it really does my head in!

    Comment by Michael — July 29, 2011 @ 7:08 am