Browse photos in 3D from Firefox!

Piclens displaying Picasa gallery

How cool is this? A Firefox plugin that raises the bar for all other image browsers. Installing it will add a small ‘play’ button to images on Flickr, Picasa and tons of other sites. Clicking that button open the PicLens screen where you can intuitively browse through the gallery in 3D. Very easy to set up, and a surefire way to impress your friends.


  1. Hi Roy:

    Thanks so much for blogging about Piclens. We really appreciate it.

    Version 1.6 with the 3D Wall is now available for IE and Firefox (Win and Mac). (The link you have in your blog currently directs to the Firefox windows version only.) In case readers are interested, our video demo can be found at

    Roy, you may also be interested in our Piclens plugin for WordPress, which basically enables images on your blog to be viewinable in a fulll-screen slideshow. Those with the Piclens browser addon get the added benefit of viewing your images on the 3D Wall. Lots of fun.

    Thanks, again.
    Alec & The Cooliris Team

    Comment by Alec — February 8, 2008 @ 7:08 am

  2. Thanks Alec. I changed the link so it points to the homepage. I’ll be sure to check out the plugin as well. I’ve been looking for a good gallery plugin for some time.

    P.S. I’m getting curious as to your revenue model for this…

    Comment by Roy — February 9, 2008 @ 11:37 am

  3. Hey there, from the PicLens team again:

    We just thought you might be interested in knowing that we have a PicLens plugin for WordPress blogs, which enables your site for full-screen slideshows. The plugin can be found at or on our website at

    For your readers who don’t have WordPress, we just teamed up with free website provider Freewebs ( to make the PicLens experience available to all Freewebs users and visitors. PicLens is also compatible with Adobe Lightroom.

    Thanks, again, for blogging about us. We’ve got much more to come, so stay tuned.

    Kindest regards,
    Alec & The PicLens Team

    Comment by Alec — March 11, 2008 @ 5:16 am

  4. Hello, again!

    Thanks, again, for your past reviews and for your support for our work
    at Cooliris. We truly appreciate it.

    Now, on to news! I’m excited to let you in on our newest release,
    PicLens v.1.6.3:
    – Added “3D search” for YouTube videos. (You have to try this
    out…It’s fun and lightning fast!)
    – Added support for Firefox 3.0
    – Improved user interface
    – Optimized Media RSS support so webmasters can enable the PicLens
    experience on their site (see

    For details and demo video on this release, please see:

    For more information on PicLens and our free download, please see:

    Thanks, again! We’d very much value your feedback on this release.

    Best regards,
    Jo & The Cooliris Team

    Comment by Jo Yang — May 9, 2008 @ 1:50 am