Are you a WordPress professional?

I recently found myself wondering just how many people are making a living installing/theming/maintaining/pluginning/training WordPress. There appears to be a large ecosystem of freelancers and companies that rely on our favorite blogging tool for (part of) their income.

To get an idea of how big this ecosystem is, I decided to run a little survey. My blog only has a limited reach, so please forward this little poll to other people it may interest. The result may be very interesting and reveal WordPress’ true economical significance.

Please use the poll to indicate how much of your personal income comes from WordPress-related work. Please do not vote more than once (or less!). There’s probably some sort of IP-based protection against double votes, but please do not try to find out just in case. This is all completely anonymous, I’m not going to steal your customers :).

Thanks in advance for passing this around.

Roy | September 17, 2008 | English,WordPress | Comments Off on Are you a WordPress professional?