Google’s quirky Chrome TV ad

I love Google’s general tone of voice in things like this. They’re not saying Chrome is better than other browsers (which it is in many ways), nor do they list any benefits. You should just try it. And they’re telling you with a wonderfully quirky commercial that is nothing like what their competitors are doing. In fact it wasn’t originally intended for TV. Completely down to earth. Well done.


  1. Link: Infinite Style Blog » Google Chrome TV commercial
  2. The ad is cute, and yes, really simple, you’d say that Mac’s ad are extremely aggressive if you compare them to this one, i just thing the music is a little bit annoying

    Comment by Alvi Halderman — May 31, 2009 @ 4:03 am

  3. Love this ad. I like how they’re telling you to simply download it and try it out, while still, non-aggressively, telling you that Chrome doesn’t have all the clutters the other browsers do. (And yes, I’m a proud Chrome-convert)

    Comment by Kooritsuki — August 11, 2009 @ 7:40 pm

  4. Can’t stand this ad. Hope it is pulled soon. I HAVE to mute the sound when it comes on…it’s painful music to listen to. And it’s an unuseful ad…I don’t know what it is for, and I don’t plan to find out. (And I am generally a Google fan!)

    Comment by Laura — September 25, 2009 @ 4:34 am

  5. Hey, another Laura! 🙂 I agree about the music but I think the ad itself is cute. It’s obvious what it’s about (Chrome) but they do lose out a bit by not pushing the selling points … but that’s a different and can-be-good approach in itself.

    Comment by Laura W — August 24, 2010 @ 12:26 am