Gravity adds some sexiness to Symbian

Gravity screenshotSymbian may be the smartphone OS with the most experience, it does suffer from a certain dullness. It’s like the MS-DOS of mobile phone operating systems. Where the iPhone basically runs a trimmed down version of Apple’s OSX, Symbian was built to be light. Also on eye-candy. And it shows.

Fortunately, there are developers out there that create software that goes beyond that typical boring Symbian look and feel. Like, who recently released Gravity, a native Symbian Twitter client that brings both features and eye-candy.

Gravity has everything you might expect from a Twitter client, and it makes clever use of Symbian interface conventions to make it very fast and efficient. It also allows you to post pictures to TwitPic, which I’ve not seen before on my Nokia. But the real difference is that it looks stunning. There’s iPhone style kinetic scrolling, two nice interface themes and nifty buttons that pop up when you select a tweet. It feels decidedly un-Symbian.

As an open source fanatic, I’m usually reluctant to buy this kind of software. But Gravity is so far ahead of its free rivals that I bought it after trying the demo version for 15 minutes. And besides, this has somewhat restored my confidence in the future of Symbian. And Symbian is going open source.