Ovi Store won’t sell me Gravity

calvin gravity bill cartoonThe launch of Nokia’s Ovi app store doesn’t seem to be going very well. Both TechCrunch and Allaboutsymbian are reporting issues, and my initial impressions also weren’t so great either. I tried to find the only Symbian app I’ve ever paid for on store.ovi.com, and I couldn’t. It was available, but just not for my phone.

Gravity has been humming along nicely on my Nokia E71. I love it so much I sometimes tweet from my phone while I’m sitting behind my PC. But if I select the E71 on the Ovi Store, Gravity disappears from all listings. Meanwhile, Mobileways, who created Gravity, even use the E71 as an example of a phone you could use with their product.

It looks like you need to select a touch screen phone in order for Gravity to show up, even though that app absolutely does not require such a phone. Luckily, it seems the mobile version of the website doesn’t seem to filter based on your handset.


  1. I dont Gravity, but it seems like its the developer’s fault because they are the ones who select the phones the app works on. I know this because I have some apps Im about to publish on Ovi too.

    Comment by Amgad — July 2, 2009 @ 6:05 pm

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