Tweet your domain and win a MacBook or an iPod!

netfirms logoNetfirms just launched a contest to promote a pretty cool new feature they have. If you sign up with them you’ll be able to register domains by sending them a Twitter direct message. Not only does that save you from having to log into your account, it also allows you to snatch that cool domain name you just thought of anywhere you have access to Twitter. Clever. Here’s what you have to do to enter the Netfirms contest. You may just end up winning an iPod Touch or a MacBook.

How to enter

1. Tweet the following message
“Win a #free iPod Touch or Macbook from the @Netfirms #contest. Domain registration services via Twitter”

2. Register a domain
Register a domain name via the Netfirms Twitter Domain Registration service for $7.99.

(One retweet equals one entry per day. One domain registered equals one entry.)

How Twitter DM domain registration works

You send a Direct Message to Netfirms via Twitter asking them to register a domain name for you. If the domain name is available they will register it for you and automatically add it to your existing Netfirms Control Panel and bill to your current billing profile. The only prerequisite is that you add your Twitter username to your Netfirms Control Panel. Please visit Netfirm’s tutorial with full details on setting yourself up for domain registration via Twitter. The instructions should be completed once only and you’re good to go after that.

  1. Log in to your Twitter account (You can use any of the available Twitter apps)
  2. Send a dm to @netfirms with the following: reg
  3. They will confirm by replying to you via dm at which point the domain will be added to your Netfirms Control Panel. The domain is now ready to be used.

Easy and convenient, right? I love how so many new Twitter-based services are popping up. It proves how a very simple idea can grow into a really interesting phenomenon. Twitter now ties into so many aspects of my life. I get a tweet if my server does down, I use it to keep track of tons of events and services, and now I can use it to register new domains. Now all I need is a way to get my groceries delivered as a DM :).

Go check out the contest and tell your friends!

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