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I’ve blogged in the past about how hard it is to find decent hosting. Many of the companies that friends have recommended have failed miserably for me, and to make things worse, 99% of web hosting review websites can’t be trusted. HostMonk seemed like a good initiative when it was launched, but it still doesn’t have a quality metric. In comes’s hosting review feature.

Where other websites forget to mention that they get a substantial fee for every hosting sale resulting from their recommendations, HIHT is completely open about this. The about page reminded me of Google’s “Don’t be evil” mantra, which, considering they are in the same type of situation, is a good thing. Much like Google they’re in a market where everyone is willing to pay for the top spot, and HIHT too should resist that temptation. The true potential lies in unbiased information.

Extensive search options

The website has an extensive set of search filters that let you search for specific features (like a 1-click WordPress install) and allow you to specify things like bandwidth and disc space. There’s even an option to limit the search to ‘green’ hosting plans only. The idea is that you tell it what you need, and it’ll recommend based on your needs only.

Currently, HIHT’s database lists 300+ plans, which quite frankly isn’t enough. But still, being able to find user comments for 300 of the biggest hosting providers already makes it a valuable resource. And I’m sure that number will increase rapidly. I really hope it does. It’s about time there was a better alternative to forums like webhostingtalk. If only because searching forums is such pain.

Spread the word

I’ve been in contact with Quality Nonsense, who operate the website, and I’m convinced they’re 100% legit. They’re tryign to build something truly useful, and I think we should support them. So, if you’re looking for a new host, give Hosting Reviews a try, and make sure you fill out a review for the old one. And the new one once you’re settled. Others will thank you.


  1. Meh, looks the same as all others.

    I don’t see how fake review cannot be posted on the site.

    Comment by drozzy — May 6, 2010 @ 6:25 pm

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