Change your Windows 7 logon screen wallpaper

Last week, I finally switched my main work PC from Vista to Windows 7. Installation was easy enough, and I really enjoy the subtle improvements in 7. One thing I’m not too fond of is the Windows 7 artwork. The default wallpaper is a little too bright and blue for my taste, and while you can easily change it once logged in, it persists on the logon screen.

I know this is a minor gripe, it takes only seconds to log in, but it turns out there’s a really easy way to fix it. There are plenty of guides to be found online that walk you through the neccesary registry tweaks, but there’s really no need to get your hands wet. offers a very easy to use utility that lets you change the logon screen wallpaper in a few clicks. No need to install, simply run the executable, select an image and go.

Roy | October 22, 2010 | English,Software | Comments (3)
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  1. i looked for this a long time! thank you very much

    Comment by Celine — October 23, 2010 @ 7:40 pm

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    Comment by Sara — November 5, 2010 @ 3:33 pm

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    Comment by vijay — December 26, 2011 @ 10:36 am