HostMonk now lets you review web hosts

It’s been a while since I wrote about HostMonk. In a world of paid-for and affiliate marketing driven hosting review websites, HostMonk was a breath of fresh air. I wrote that “If HostMonk would add a good rating system (…) it might just be the website we’ve been waiting for”. Well they have. So now it is?

What’s really clever is that HostMonk uses other factors, like uptime, to rate hosts as well. Even the number of Twitter followers is factored in to give you the best possible indication of a host’s popularity. Clever stuff. And they’ve added cloud and shared hosting packages too. Now all we need to do is fill HostMonk’s review database. The web needed a good independent service like this, so let’s use it.

Roy | October 27, 2010 | English,Web hosting | Comments (2)
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  1. Some Users want only have the cheapest hosting and therefor this service is great. On the other hand like bloggers, where performance is a high requirement, there are other importent factors.

    Where do you know how many customers are on a shared webhosting environment? There are some big hoster with cheap prices and hundreds of customers on the same server. There are some other hosters with shared environments, but only with 15 members on the same sized machine. Performance garantee and the ability to memcache all your pages has more weight for me than a multihosting which is cheap.

    For professional hosting there are other important factors like above. For 0815 Hosting for private Person its great to find the cheapest and most likely the best for them.

    Comment by Stefan M. — October 29, 2010 @ 6:50 am

  2. Errr, I don’t want to rain on your parade, but the best host ever is dreamhost. No rating needed. I’m a newbie, so I don’t know much about performance and all, but for everything else, they are just incredible. They have incredible customer service and they always send me cool emails about how much fun they’re having earning/spending the $8 a month I give them.

    I’m pretty sure they have performance upgrades available if someone needs it and I personally have unlimited everything. So there. They are really cool.

    Comment by Jeb — December 11, 2010 @ 11:54 am