HTC’s Desire car upgrade kit sucks (really well)

Not all HTC Desire car holders are created equal it seems. I’d been using a cheap generic solution for little over half a year when it broke. First, the tightening clip failed, and later that week the bundled power adapter stopped charging. Time for a more reliable solution. I use Google Maps navigation all the time, so I decided to try HTC’s own, rather expensive, Car Upgrade Kit.

HTC’s kit consists of the holder itself, a USB cord, a power adaper and a suction plate. That last item is a plastic disk that you can stick on your car’s dashboard. The holder’s suction cup then attaches to the plate’s smooth plastic surface. Unfortunately, Ford used so many unnecessary curves and bends my older model Focus’s ugly-ass dashboard that there’s no place left to stick the plate.


So I decided to affix the holder to the windshield. The first thing I noticed was that the whole thing feels like a vault door. I’m confident that if I ever crash my car, this will be the one thing they’ll salvage from the wreckage. There’s a firm click when the cup is properly tightened, and the arm’s joints feel like they were designed for the T-800 Terminator. This thing just oozes quality.

Car mode

Once you click the phone into the holder, it immediately switches to Android’s car mode. This makes incoming calls go to speaker phone automatically, and my previous holder didn’t do this. I’m not a big fan of the Desire’s internal speaker (the Nokia E71’s was way better), but at least in car mode I’ll be able to handle incoming calls without having to click several on-screen buttons first. Nice touch.

Another thing I liked is that the power cord plugs into the base, not into the phone. This looks cleaner, and is much more convenient if you’re planning to leave the holder in your car. The power cord even has its own little suction cup so you can control its route a little.


I haven’t tried all of them, but I doubt there’s a higher quality car holder available for the HTC Desire. I’m very happy so far. It may be a little expensive, but if you’re serious about using your Desire for navigation it may be well worth the extra investment.

Roy | February 13, 2011 | English,Gadgets | Comments (1)
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