Dear gadget manufacturers, please stop teasing

There’s a story running on Engadget right now about an FCC filing for Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet. It’s the last of at least 26 posts about this still unreleased product. The first one dates back to February. That’s four months of excellent “investigative journalism” om Engadget’s part, and four months of agony for gadget loving would-be buyers.

I’ve criticized Apple in the past for swapping products without fair warning. If you’re not a gadget freak who keeps track of all the blogs out there, you may buy a Mac one day, only to find it replaced by a newer, faster and cheaper model the next day. And most of the things Apple introduces go on sale the same day. While not exactly fair, their approach is certainly “tease-free”.

For Samsung, it makes sense to tease early. Right now, potential iPad 2 buyers may decide to hold off on their purchase because of the Galaxy Tab’s superior specs. That’s probably why many companies seem to be adopting a “tease early, release late” strategy. Samsung’s four month cycle is actually pretty short, and in all fairness concernes two products (the 1.01v and the “updated” 10.1).

Still, by the time the 10.1 is actually released (in Europe, mind you!), it’s likely some othe company will have started teasing an even better new tablet. And they might just convince me that Christmas is a better time to buy gadgets anyway. But by then… you get the drift. So please, dear gadget manufacturers, stop teasing and start releasing.

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