Easily accept credit card donations with WP-Stripe

Noel Tock, who’s at WP On Tour with me, just released a brand new WordPress plugin that lets you accept Stripe payments. Stripe is a new, highly developer-friendly payment solution. They have low rates for processing and a great API. Right now, you can only use Stripe to accept payments if you’re in the US, but if you are, you can accept money from all over the world.

WP-Stripe keeps track of recent payments (without storing the more sensitive bits), and has a widget that shows recent incoming transactions, with gravatars. If you’re running a charity, this can be a great way to thank your sponsors. Donors who’d prefer to remain anonymous can of course opt-out of this.

The donation form is inserted into any post or page on your blog using a simple shortcode. Here’s how it looks (screenshot, not an actual donations form).

Noel needs people to test the plugin, and fortunately, there’s a test setting in the API that lets you make payments without them actually getting processed. This is fully supported in version 1.0 of the plugin, and from what I’ve seen it works perfectly. Recommended.

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  1. in English is weak, but I’ll try to say. Thanks for the review of the plugin, you’re looking for.

    Comment by merfo — March 12, 2012 @ 6:08 pm