Matt of contacted me a couple of days ago to let me know he added my Tranquility themes to his list of best WP themes. It’s always nice when someone adds your work to any kind of shortlist. Thanks Matt.

Brilliant new WordPress theme

Bran Gardner’s Dropshdow theme

I stumbled across a site using a slightly modified version of Brian Gardner’s Dropshadow theme today and when I looked up the original I found it to be even better. It’s impossible to track all new theme releases nowadays, but of the ones I know I think its the best theme currently available for WordPress. Kudos to Brian. Great job!

Tranquility White for Textpattern

Tranquility White for TextPattern

I received word just yet that Marcus of has finished porting my Tranquility White theme to TextPattern. I think it looks smashing! 😉 Great job! Thanks Marcus.

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Flower.swf fla file

Flower gif

Ever since I released my Tranquility and Tranquility White WordPress themes, I’ve been getting emails about the Flash file used in both themes. People like to customize their theme, and the supplied swf file is locked. This was done on purpose, as I consider it to be a finished piece of Flash art. I originally created it for my daughter Ruby when she was born, and I feel it should not be messed with.

However, keeping source code to yourself is not a very open source minded thing to do and I’ve learned a lot from looking at other people’s code. Which is why I decided to post the original fla file. Please be gentle with it.

Flower fla file

83 beautiful WordPress themes

When I occasionally browse it strikes me not only how many themes there are, but also how many of them are rather poor. Many of them lack a coherent colour scheme and offer poor usability. Smashing Magazine has gathered 83 of the best WordPress themes available. If you’ve just set op WordPress and are looking for the creme de la creme in WordPress design, this is the place to look. My personal favorite is Suble, but you can’t go wrong with any of these.

Too bad none of my themes made it in there, I guess I’ll have to try harder with future themes…


A while ago, Automattic introduced sidebar widgets, a plugin that lets you manager your site’s sidebar(s) through WordPress. Pretty nifty, but none of my themes supported it. I’ve been getting more and more email asking me to fix this. I had a bit of time on my hands today, so I did.. Check for the updated versions of “Tranquility“, “Tranquility White” and “Positive Feeling“.

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WordPress theme: Tranquility White

Tranquility white screenshot

It made sense. Most people like pages with white or very light backgrounds. So do I actually. Mostly. That’s why I made a copy of my dark gray ‘Tranquility’ theme and turned the colour scheme upside down.

Tranquility white is available for download here.

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WordPress theme: Tranquility

Tranquility screenshot

After about two nights of coding, I just released my second publicly available WordPress theme. It’s even got a small (80*80, less than 1 kb) Flash anim. The animation is embedded using Geoff Stearns’ SWFObject, making it fully valid xhtml whilst avoiding Internet Explorer’s ActiveX activation issue and dealing gracefully with older plugin versions, etc.

You can download it here.

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WordPress theme: Positive Feeling

Positive Feeling WordPress theme

Every once in a while I feel a sudden need to create a new theme for WordPress. Because it’s so easy and fun. This blog is basically nothing more than an excuse to play around with WP, xhtml and css. The current theme is a three column one with a difference. I’ve put the content column on the left and both the other columns on the right. And no real header or footer, resulting in lots of room for your content. The two sidebars can accomodate long blogrolls / adsense / whatever.
More WordPress theme: Positive Feeling

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