Closing comments on older posts

For a long time now, WordPress has had a setting that enables you to automatically close the comments on older posts. I’ve never used it on this blog, because it makes a blog a little less open and interactive. Those are things I care about, but I find myself forced to reconsider.

Even with Akismet enabled, spam on this blog is getting out of hand. I;ve had to manually moderate almost 1500 spam in 2011, and half that so far this year. From experiments over at my movie review blog, I found that using this setting greatly reduces the amount of comment spam. Older posts will generally have acquired more PageRank, making them more attractive to spammers.

I’m going to go with 365 days for now, but I’ll be playing with that value over the coming months to see where the sweet spot is. I hope you’ll understand.

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Closing the comments on WP-Cumulus posts

I hate having to do this, but I’m going to be closing the comments on most of the WP-Cumulus related posts on this blog. Because some have several hundred comments, they’ve become impossible to read and I find that the same questions keep getting asked over and over again. I’ve tried to patiently answer all of them, but I’m no longer able to keep up. Blog comments just aren’t a very good support mechanism.

If your question is about WP-Cumulus, the original WordPress plugin, not one of its ports or variations, please post it in the WordPress forums. This allows others to find the answers, and chances are your question has been discussed already. The forums are an invaluable resource, and offer a much better platform for WP-Cumulus support. If you add the “wp-cumulus” tag to your thread, I’ll almost certainly see it.

I’ll also try to update the FAQ more often. It’s a little out of date, but definitely still a good place to start. Oh, and for more info, see my support page.