Footer Stuff is ready to make your life easier

I just released Footer Stuff through Even though it’s a very simple (and lightweight) plugin, it’s not very easy to describe what it does. It offers you a way to add code to your blog’s footer an header sections, without having to edit your theme’s PHP files. Located under WordPress’ design tab it offers easy way of maintaining things like Google Analytics code, without being limited to just that one analytics system.

It’s here:

WordPress plugin: Footer Stuff

I’m testing a little plugin I whipped up in 15 minutes on this blog. It allows you to copy paste code snippets into a text area (located on an options page under ‘Design’). That code is then inserted into you blog’s footer without the need to edit any template files.

I can’t believe there isn’t a plugin already that does this. Doesn’t everyone have lots of little code snippets that need to be added between the body tags of the blog? Doesn’t everyone hate having to copy those from one theme to the next when switching themes? Am I missing something?

Would any of you consider using this? Should I try developing this into something worth releasing?