Why do I still not love GDGT?

GDGT logoWhen I first heard about gdgt.com, I thought the startup founded by Peter Rojas and Ryan Block was terribly clever, and right up my alley. The idea of having gadget freaks keep “had”, “have” and “want” lists makes sense both from a user’s perspective and from an advertiser’s. When the website opened to the public I was quick to register and started adding things to my lists. Some stuff that wasn’t in there yet. It was amazing to see how much stuff was entered by users.

But I don’t buy a new gadget every day, so keeping the lists up-to-date doesn’t require me to visit GDGT daily. Considering how Rojas and Block were also involved in Engadget and Gizmodo, I was hoping their new effort would replace both those blogs and become a one-stop shop for technology enthusiasts. So far, at least for me, it hasn’t.
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Experimenting with advertising

This blog isn’t about making money. I have no problogger ambitions, and I don’t really like ads on blogs. But what I do find interesting is how ad networks work, what their benefits are, and which work best for a blog like mine. That’s why I’ve added a few AdSense units, and signed up with BuySellAds. Adsense has paid for the hosting of the movie review blog I run with a bunch of other people since day one, but I never really experimented with placement and such because the layout on that site is far from optimized for ads.
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