Gifloopcoder: create wonderful GIFs with math

gifloopcoder swarm animation

A couple of weeks ago, Keith Peters (a.k.a. bit101) released Gifloopcoder. In short, “GLC” is a javascript-based coding environment for creating looping animations, and saving them as GIF files. A long, long time ago, Keith and I contributed to a book about creating Flash animations using math, and this project has a very similar feel. Gifloopcoder is tons of fun to play with.
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Taming wp_list_pages

Ever since pages got added to WordPress in version 1.5, wp_list_pages has been the way to get a list of pages. In the pre-widgets era, it used to be coded into pretty much every theme’s sidebar or header to generate the site’s menu.

Nowadays wp_list_pages is at the heart of the Pages widget, and it’s perfect for blog-type sites with a modest number of pages. But if you’re using WordPress as a CMS, and most of your content is written as pages, using wp_list_pages can cause serious performance issues.
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Moving to AS3 – what the font?

Flash font properties dialog

OK, i admit it. I’m probably the only person bothered by this. In the age of broadband where mobile phones browse the web at high speed, I’m probably a dinosaur for trying to keep movie file sizes down. But still. There still are people out there who browse the web at 56 kilobits per second, waiting for minutes while a web page full of graphics is transferred to their computer by two analog modems shouting bits at each other.

That’s one reason why I decided to see if re-writing my WP-Cumulus Flash movie in Actionscript 3 would yield a smaller file. Unfortunately, the outcome was not all I had hoped it to be.
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