Idea: Corded DECT phone

Philips DC255 DECT phoneI bought a new home phone this weekend. Two of the extra handsets from my Siemens Gigaset setup had given up after years of daily use, and since new add-on handsets are nearly impossible to find (and very expensive), I decided to go for an all new system. One thing I noticed was that it’s very hard to find anything really nice. When DECT was a new technology, getting a new phone was exciting. There were lots of models to choose from, and some of them were really sexy.

It may be the current recession, but all three stores I visited had the same bland, boring and cheap models. None of them offered anything special, and the only model with a decent color screen was gathering dust in the back of the display and had only a single handset.
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Logitech MX400 corded laser mouse

Logitech MX400 corded laser mouseMy Logitech MX1000 mouse stopped working yesterday. The mouse pointer simply wouldn’t move any more, even though clicking did work. I guess it’s a sensor problem, so I’ll have to send it in for repair. The first Logitech mouse to fail me, in what I guess is ten years now. But with work piling up I needed a replacement asap. That’s why I got an MX400. As a backup. But after using it for a couple of hours I don’t think I’ll put it away when the MX1000 gets back.
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