On ZDNet, the recession and optimism

ZDNet screenshotI really should ‘egosurf‘ more. It was only because I was testing a seach engine yesterday that I stumbled across this post on ZDNet’s Linux and Open Source blog. In it, Dana Blankenhorn argues that social media make this recession different from previous ones, and that releasing open source software can help advertise your abilities as a media professional. And he does so by taking me as an example.

While it is true that WP-Cumulus has brought me some modest fame in the WordPress community, I wonder why Dana didn’t contact me to confirm some of the details in the story.
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Bizner experiences

Bizner logo

When I decided to quite my job and go freelance, one of the first things I then decided was that I wanted to change banks and move to Bizner. A recent startup, Bizner is an online-only business bank set up by the reputable Rabobank Group here in The Netherlands. I quite liked the tone of voice of their commercials, and more importantly I was getting dissatisfied with my old bank.

Recently, they sent me an online survey about my experiences so far. To my surprise, one of the questions was whether I was likely to post my experiences on my blog. But then it dawned on me just how clever that question was. For one thing it made me think about whether I perhaps should, but more importantly, considering how they’re an online bank I can see how important the blogosphere could be to them. So here goes.
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Taking the plunge

I nicked the title for this post from my good friend Marco, who decided to quit his job and work as a freelancer a couple of years ago. Mostly because of Dutch tax law I myself am trying to avoid the term ‘freelancer’, but I did just quit my job. From January 2008 on, I’ll be focusing solely on my own web design business.

It’s been a tough decision, and one I’ve been struggling with for years. I love the people I work with, and will miss definitely many of them. But the direction my employer is moving in does not match my interests, talents and ambitions. Becoming an entrepreneur will allow me work with WordPress more, look into other CMSs, learn PHP and do way more design work. I’ve got plans for developing a Flash-based toolkit that will allow designers anyone to create cool websites with no programming skills needed, and tons of other projects.

Hopefully, I’ll also be able to devote more time to creating new WordPress themes and plugins and improving/updating the current ones. Marco has since his ‘plunge’ been tempted into not one but two seriously cool jobs, which goes to show that things always turn out how you least expect them to.