Gadget history: Personal computers

Apple IIcFor the second instalment of my ‘Gadget history’ series of posts I thought I’d look into the personal and home computers I’ve owned and/or used. I added the ‘or’ in that sentence because the first two computers I used extensively weren’t mine. Not even my dad’s. They were the property of the local University, and the only reason I got to play with them was because I was friends with a professor’s son.
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HostMonk: hosting reviews without the monkey business

HostMonkEver since this blog started picking up momentum, I get a lot of email from companies launching new products or features. Most of them aren’t very interesting to me (like iPhone apps when I don’t have an iPhone), solve problems I don’t have or are simply hoping to be the next Twitter. I discard most of them. But sometimes one of these projects actually looks like it’s going to fix an important issue, like with HostMonk.
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Gadget history: Mobile phones

Nokia 6150This might turn into a series of posts. I thought it’d be cool to list the gadgets in a certain category that I’ve actually owned and used, and do a sort of short hindsight reviews. I’m pretty sure there are people out there who’ve used a some of the same devices and share (or disagree with) my experiences. First up: mobile phones.

I’ve had seven up until now, if you count the first one which I actually shared with my girlfriend. Cell phones, and the contracts that came with them were terribly expensive back then. Both the first and last ones are from Nokia, but that’s just about the only thing they have in common.
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OpenDNS experiences anyone?

I came across OpenDNS yesterday while trying to troubleshoot a DNS problem, and it sounds like a good service to me. Pretty much everyone I know either doesn’t know what a DNS server is or takes it for granted, but I guess there’s room for ‘added value’ in DNSs.

I’ve had very little trouble with my ISP (Tele2) since I joined them, but their DNS server appears to be… well crap basically. It seems to be very slow to update, and as a result I’ve been unable to see my own sites when everyone else could visit them just fine. For days.
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One week of Chrome

I’ve been using Google’s new browser for little over a week now. I need to have Firefox and IE running when I’m doing web design stuff, but for actually browsing the web, I’ve been using Chrome. And you know what? I just made it my default browser.
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My Eee-PC OS experiences so far

Since I wrote a post asking for “Asus Eee-PC 901 OS recommendations” a while ago, I’ve actually tried three of the five options I mentioned in that post. OSX isn’t a serious option for me, mostly because I don’t want my netbook to run illegal software. An ‘nLited’ version of XP would probably boot faster and run a bit smoother, but it would still need regularly updated firewall and anti-virus software. The three options I did try each have their own merits and flaws.

Here are my experiences so far, completely biased and laid out as a table similar to the kind you’ll find in real, professional reviews…
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Pair Networks experiences

I’ve written before about how hard it is to find a good hosting provider, and how Ipowerweb and Hosting Zoom didn’t quite work for me. It’s hard to get good advice with all the lucrative referral programs, which seem to have spawned a whole genre of fake hosting review websites. That’s why I thought I’d share my experiences with Pair Networks. If you’re looking for a good, reliable host and are willing to spend a bit more, I suggest you read on.
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Three months of Nabaztag: A rabbit with a mind of it’s own

NabaztagIt’s been three months since I got my Nabaztag/tag internet bunny, so I thought I’d share my experiences so far.

As far as I can gather, the actual rabbit itself is a pretty simple computer, and it requires heavily on the central server, which is maintained by Violet. As a user, I need to select ‘services’ in order for the rabbit to actually do something. I’ve tried quite a few, but have currently settled for a a small number of services. Having Nabaztanck read the news out loud at given intervals for instance proved to be more of a nuisance than I would have imagined. Because the text-to-speech messages aren’t always very easy to understand it required a high volume setting, and that meant the rabbit would interrupt phone calls, yap over interesting TV segments, etc…
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HomePlug experiences anyone?

HomePlug logo

My work computer is located on the top floor of the house, and is pretty much as far away from my router as possible short of putting it on the roof. Because of this, the wifi connection I use to connect to my LAN is terribly instable and although Vista reports “good” signal quality the throughput can be abysmal at times. This is why I’ve been reading up on HomePlug, or power line networking.
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