Conceptronic C150APM first impressions

When I ordered a new router last week, I decided to also try and tackle a networking issue that had been causing me headaches for a while. My wife’s network printer is located in her study, and we were using powerline adapters to connect to it. This would usually work just fine, except when we needed to print something important, or quickly. That’s why, with a strong wireless-n wifi signal now available in said room, I added the C150APM to my order.
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HomePlug experiences anyone?

HomePlug logo

My work computer is located on the top floor of the house, and is pretty much as far away from my router as possible short of putting it on the roof. Because of this, the wifi connection I use to connect to my LAN is terribly instable and although Vista reports “good” signal quality the throughput can be abysmal at times. This is why I’ve been reading up on HomePlug, or power line networking.
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