Incompetent companies: Violet/Nabaztag support

NabaztagIt’s been a year since I last blogged about my Nabaztag wifi bunny. That doesn’t mean nothing has happened in the mean time. In fact, I’ve spent quite a bit of time trying to get this adorable little plastic rabbit to do what I want it to do. But to no avail.

The problem with Nabaztag is that Violet, the company that sells these gadgets runs the central server, and everything your Nabaztag does depends on that server. Unfortunaltely, Violet is a little sketchy when it comes to keeping these so-called ‘services’ running. Here’s a recap of what I’ve come across.
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Incompetent companies: Tele2’s support desk

I’ve been pretty happy with my ISP, Tele2, for a few years now. They’re cheap and the connection has been both speedy and reliable. Unfortunately, their DNS server has been causing issues for me lately, so I decided to drop their support desk an email. I got a very kind reply which basically said they did not have any information about their own name server, and could not answer questions about it. Fair enough. It was a very technical issue, so I asked them to forward my question to a system administrator. The reply I got was a carbon copy of the first one. They simply will not answer my question or investigate my issue.
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I’ve been enjoying Suzero’s line of “incompetent companies” posts, so I thought I’d join in…

The internet is where you go to get a good deal, right? I order tons of stuff online, and have had only very few negative experiences. That’s why I felt quite confident ordering a cab to the airport (Schiphol, Amsterdam in my case) through Big mistake.
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