Incompetent companies: Tele2’s support desk

I’ve been pretty happy with my ISP, Tele2, for a few years now. They’re cheap and the connection has been both speedy and reliable. Unfortunately, their DNS server has been causing issues for me lately, so I decided to drop their support desk an email. I got a very kind reply which basically said they did not have any information about their own name server, and could not answer questions about it. Fair enough. It was a very technical issue, so I asked them to forward my question to a system administrator. The reply I got was a carbon copy of the first one. They simply will not answer my question or investigate my issue.
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Roy | December 23, 2008 | English,Personal | Comments (6)
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OpenDNS experiences anyone?

I came across OpenDNS yesterday while trying to troubleshoot a DNS problem, and it sounds like a good service to me. Pretty much everyone I know either doesn’t know what a DNS server is or takes it for granted, but I guess there’s room for ‘added value’ in DNSs.

I’ve had very little trouble with my ISP (Tele2) since I joined them, but their DNS server appears to be… well crap basically. It seems to be very slow to update, and as a result I’ve been unable to see my own sites when everyone else could visit them just fine. For days.
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Roy | December 20, 2008 | English,Internet | Comments (12)
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