Logo design: Salgueiro Timber Products


Last week, I was asked to design a logo for a shop set up by a friend’s brother. Salgueiro (“willow” in Portugese) designs and sells beautiful one-off wooden furniture items through Facebook (for now). The logo needed to be monochrome, as it will be used to create a branding iron/stamp.

I went with the wonderful Bigshot One font, designed by Gesine Todt, and added a growth rings effect inside its capital S. The whole letter is essentially one shape – inspired by historical branding irons – except for the innermost ring, which is a “knot” in the wood.

Both the client and I are quite pleased with the end result. What do you think?

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Am I the only one who sees things like this?

Just look at the image below. The left version is the bottom right corner of my Chrome browser window (version 8.0). This logo appears on every new empty tab, and I can’t help but wonder why Google didn’t spend 15 seconds making it look nicer. The version to the right literally took that long to make. I added a little padding, made it more subtle and changed the way the text aligns with the logo.

Looks much better, doesn’t it? I think it went from “Hey, there’s room for a logo there” to “all this awesomeness os powered by Chrome”. If I were a company trying to promote a new browser, I’d try to get these things right. And it’s not like they can’t afford it, right?

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Is Google’s little android moonlighting on kids TV?

A little while ago, Nickelodeon started airing a new kids TV show called “Team Umizoomi“. It features a team that consists of two humans and a robot… which looks a lot like the green little mechanical man that Google uses as part of the logo for their Android mobile operating system.

On the show, Team Umizoomi solves problems using each member’s unique skills. Milli is great at pattern recognition, Geo has a thing for shapes, while Bot excels at math and has a large display. I see some parallels with the Android OS here too. Things QR codes and Google Goggles are all about shapes and patterns, and modern Android phones have speedy processors and large screens.

But then again, I may be reading way too much into this… 🙂

The (non)sense of using HD video as a benchmark

Full HD logoIt seems like almost every gadget announced or introduced these days comes with the assurance that it ‘does’ HD video. Even if it has a tiny little lower-than-standard-definition screen and isn’t likely to be used by anyone to watch movies in high quality. I get the feeling that hardware manufacturers think they need a 1080p sticker on the box to sell gadgets, even if it means cheating a little. I say cheating because with many of these devices, HD video is the only thing they’re really good at.
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