Why web designers should consider using a PC too

dell studio hybrid mini desktopI came across this post on Smashing Magazine yesterday, and while it offers some fine reasons for web developers to use a PC, I thought it missed a few too. Most of these venture into web designer territory somewhat, but I wanted to mention them nontheless.
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That’s it, I’m switching!

Ubuntu logoIt’s funny how I just discovered a great feature in Vista by reading up on how to install Ubuntu alongside it. I didn’t know Vista could shrink partitions without the need for 3rd party tools. Well it can and I did. To make room for Ubuntu. I plan to move away from Windows for anything but design work. I’ll need Photoshop for that and there isn’t a viable Linux alternative for Flash either. But other than that I can’t wait to switch to Linux full time.
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Gadget history: Personal computers

Apple IIcFor the second instalment of my ‘Gadget history’ series of posts I thought I’d look into the personal and home computers I’ve owned and/or used. I added the ‘or’ in that sentence because the first two computers I used extensively weren’t mine. Not even my dad’s. They were the property of the local University, and the only reason I got to play with them was because I was friends with a professor’s son.
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Hi, I too am a Mac!

Don’t worry. I haven’t switched. But I’ve recently had to alter my perception of Mac users. I used to think of Apple’s clientele as smart, stylish people, who had no trouble parting with substantial sums of money simply to surround themselves with the best-looking devices in the business. But it turns out they’re not unlike me. And I thank a couple of recent iPhone apps for that discovery.
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