I cancelled my $150 laptop

Medison Celebrity laptop

It’s been months, and not a single laptop has been delivered. If one would have been the blogospere would have lit up like a Christmas tree, but instead there’s been radio silence all around. That’s why I asked 2checkout.com to cancel my order of a Medison Celebrity laptop. With the Eee-PC hitting shops any day now and laptop prices dropping like bricks there’s no need to wait around for what has IMHO become a clear case of vaporware. On top of that, I don’t even really need a laptop computer right now.

A $150 laptop, too good to be true? – Updated again

Medison Celebrity laptop

Swedish company Medison has started offering a $150 laptop on their website. For the price the celebrity it’s very decently specced. It puts the OLPC and the Eee PC to shame, and looks pretty sleek as well. I’ve read predictions that laptop prices are going to drop, but this is ludicrous. Too good to be true? Will this turn out to be vaporware? Or will I be missing a unique opportunity by not clicking the ‘buy now’ button just yet?
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Roy | July 25, 2007 | English,Gadgets | Comments (13)
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