The top 5 WP-Cumulus hacks

Every once in a while a user asks me how to change something in WP-Cumulus that fits his or her specific needs. If enough people ask for the same thing (*), it’ll probably be in the next release, but sometimes the modification is so specific to a certain website or project that it makes sense to simply hack it in. Here are the five most common of those, in no particular order.
More The top 5 WP-Cumulus hacks

Modified themes

Nikkocity’s modified Positive Feeling theme

One of the things I like about releasing WordPress themes is seeing what people do with them. Some just take out the credit link, other change so much I barely recognize my original work. And that’s a good thing. I try and make my themes easy to modify and do not attach any kind of license (which I know to be stupid, but I haven’t had the time to read up on things like Creative Commons).

Anyway, I liked Nikko City’s version (image above) of my Positive Feeling theme so much I thought I’d share it. They didn’t even change all that much, but seeing my layout used to sell Japanese cooking equipment made my day.