Over on CoP: Why do you pirate movies?

jack sparrowBack in early 2003, a friend and I started a blog called Choking on Popcorn. This was the blog that introduced me to Pivot, Movable Type and later WordPress. My personal blogs (the first on was on Blogger, started in May of 2002) have come and gone, but CoP is still around, and now has almost a thousand movie reviews.

I did a post there yesterday that I could just as easily have posted here. It’s about how new technology is changing the way movies are consumed. About how downloading a movie is often significantly easier than going to see it at the cinema (at least in my case). I’d ove to hear your thoughts on this, so please place your comments over there: Why do you pirate movies?

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Happy birthday WordPress!

It’s been five years since Matt released WordPress 0.7. I think it’s quite an accomplishment that (and how) WordPress has managed to evolve into a very mature blogging solution with all the right features and no bloat whatsoever. I switched to WP (from Movable Type, like so many others) in 2005, and it has since become my favorite CMS solution. I’ve been using it professionally for a while now, and have made quite a few customers very happy.

So here’s to you, WordPress. May you continue to evolve the way you did!