Attansic LAN vs. Vista trouble? Kill the power!

I recently bought a couple a HomePlug adapters to see if they would get me a more stable network connection over wifi. However, as soon as I connected them and fired up my PC I started getting all sorts of network trouble. DHCP would work, but DNS wouldn’t, leaving me unable to surf the web. I now turns out that all this was due to driver issues with the onboard network adapter on my Asus motherboard. This ‘Attansic’ or ‘Atheros’ adapter has apparently been causing issues for many people.
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Roy | November 3, 2007 | English,Gadgets | Comments (5)
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HomePlug experiences anyone?

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My work computer is located on the top floor of the house, and is pretty much as far away from my router as possible short of putting it on the roof. Because of this, the wifi connection I use to connect to my LAN is terribly instable and although Vista reports “good” signal quality the throughput can be abysmal at times. This is why I’ve been reading up on HomePlug, or power line networking.
More HomePlug experiences anyone?

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