WP-Cumulus ported to MediaWiki and ReloadCMS

Wikipedia logoIt’s getting hard to keep track of all the projects that are based on my little WordPress plugin. The most recent two are ports to MediaWiki and ReloadCMS. The latter is documented (in Russian) on opensoft.110mb.com and maintained by Victor Nabatov. My Russian is pretty poor, but I can see Cumulus tumbling about on the sidebar, so I guess it works 🙂

The MediaWiki port is listed as being beta, but the demonstration works beautifully. If I understand correctly it displays the categories on your wiki using ‘my’ Flash movie. Now if only they’d install it on Wikipedia… that would be so cool ;).

Amazing WP-Cumulus javascript port!

wp-cumulus javascriptI never thought this to be possible, but Dawid Fatyga just emailed me about his ‘Stratus‘ project. He’s recreated the 3D Flash movie from WP-Cumulus in Javascript. Sure, it’s no match for Flash’s ultra-smooth anti-aliased scaling (yet?), but that doesn’t really make it any less impressive.

Dawid stressed that it’s still very much a work in progress, and there’s still a lot that can be optimized. I had no success running it in Chrome, but it does work in Firefox. I’m sure that can be fixed. And with Chrome’s ultra-fast Javascript engine it will probaly fly.

Dawid is working towards a possible WordPress plugin implementation, which might mean some healthy competition for WP-Cumulus. I’d love to see if Javascript can beat Flash at its own game (being animation).

P.S. Dawid just emailed me that he’s only been working with Javascript for a few days. Go figure.

WP-Cumulus for Drupal is simply called “Cumulus”

Pratul Kalia emailed me this week that he and Björn Jacob have ported WP-Cumulus to Drupal. Instead of going for a clever name like “Blogumus” or “Joomulus” he opted to simply go with “Cumulus”. How about “Drupumus”, Pratul? 😉

Anyway, if you’re using Drupal and would like an animated tag cloud, be sure to check out http://drupal.org/project/cumulus.

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WP-Cumulus ports for TYPO3, Serendipity and Joomla

A lot of people have contacted me asking whether they could port WP-Cumulus to their CMS of choice. While it’s nice of them to ask, the GPL license wouldn’t let me stop them even if I wanted to. Which I don’t. I love how this little project of mine is spreading like wildfire. I’ve hardly been able to keep up with the comments on my blog and the Cumulus-related email I get. I now know what people mean when they say the response has been overwhelming.

So to answer this question once and for all: Yes, you can. As long as your stick to the GPL license you can do anything with WP-Cumulus. If you port Cumulus to a new platform, please let me know so I can write about it in posts like this.

Here are three(!) new ports recently released by their respective authors. Thanks to Christian Philipp (TYPO3), Rob Antonishen (Serendipity) and Big Bear (Joomla) for their work.
More WP-Cumulus ports for TYPO3, Serendipity and Joomla

WP-Cumulus for Typepad = Tumulus

Yannick Lejeune has ported WP-Cumulus to Typepad. Aptly named Tumulus, the snippet of code can be downloaded from Yannick’s site. One more step towards world domination (insert evil laughter here)… 🙂

WP-Cumulus for Blogger = Blogumus!

I would not have thought it to be possible, but Amanda has succeeded in porting WP-Cumulus to Blogger. She’s written a short tutorial on how to set it up, which is surprisingly easy to do. I haven’t used Blogger since 2003, and wouldn’t have known where to start. So thanks Amanda!

If you’re a Blogger user and you want to catch up with what’s been happening with the WordPress version, click here.