Replacing a healthy hard drive in a QNAP NAS


Yesterday, one of my NAS devices emailed me, informing me that one of its drives had failed. I have two “entry level” 2-bay QNAP NASes, both with two disks in a redundant RAID1 setup. They’re set up to synchronise over the internet daily, so my files are stored safely in two physical locations. This way, all of my important data is stored on a total of four hard drives. Or rather – at the moment – three.

Both the drives in my TS-210 were getting old, so it wasn’t really a surprise that one of them acted up. After I got the email, I logged into the NAS’s admin interface and rebooted it. Sure enough, the second drive re-appeared, and seemed fine. But I wanted to replace it anyway. With the help of QNAP’s excellent support forum, I found the correct way to replace a “suspect” drive that appears to work properly. It involves just a couple of steps,and they’re all very easy to do.
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QNAP TS-210 first impressions

The most important thing about keeping your data safe is that whatever backup or redundancy setup you choose, it has to be easy. If you need to remember to make backups, you’ll forget. For me personally, I’ve opted to go with a RAID1 solution, where my data is written to two separate disks. This means my data is safe from drive failure, and since I’m using a version control system, I don’t really need any kind of rotating backup scheme. That’s why I got a QNAP TS-210 a couple of weeks ago, and so far I love it.

I’m no expert when it comes to NAS devices (this is my first one), and so I’m not saying the QNAP is better than the similarly priced Netgear ReadyNAS Duo or the Synology DS210j. I couldn’t find any comparative reviews, so I went with the one I thought looked cool and had the best hardware specs. I did want to go with a specialist brand as opposed to something like the WD “World Edition”. I’ve never really trusted consumer solutions, and WD isn’t my favorite brand.
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