Backup bingo


A couple of days ago, I upgraded the server that runs this site. It was running an older version of PHP, and some other components could use some update love too. I’m using a SecureDragon Virtual Private Server (VPS), which allows me to create a snapshot of the server before doing stuff like this. In case anything went wrong, this would allow me to go back to the way things were that morning.
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WD TV Live first impressions

WD TV LiveBack in the days when the first DVD players were introduced, I was employed by Europe’s biggest audio-visual facilitator. So naturally, we dove right in, and I even worked on the menus for a few major movie releases. I remember being blown away by how hours of great image quality could fit onto such a small disc. But recently, those same discs have started to really annoy me. They scratch, they’re easy to misplace and they take up a lot of space if you’ve got many. That’s why I’d been looking at the latest generation of network media players. I got one this weekend for the person in my household who has the most DVDs, my six year old daughter :).
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Opera Unite could be downright dangerous (to trees!)

Opera logoI’ve been on a personal quest to turn as many computers as I can off. I’ve even considered buying a second, low power, computer to avoid having to fire up the monster I’m typing this on. And I’ve moved to using my Atom netbook and phone for things like Twitter and looking up people on IMDB. As a computing enthusiast I’ve been starting to feel ever more guilty about the energy consumption of my favorite toys. So when Opera launched their Unite prototype yesterday I couldn’t help but feel concerned about the environmental side effects of their so-called reinvention of the web.
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