My next keyboard may well be solar-powered

I’ve been using a Logitech Ultra-X keyboard for a couple of years now, and it’s an abolute delight. But with the wear and tear of daily use, it’ll probably need to be replaced soon. Like with mice, I like wired keyboards. I don’t carry them around, and the wire running across my desk doesn’t bother me. Not enough at least to deal with the hassle and pollution of wireless keyboards that use batteries.

That’s why I love Logitech’s new K750. It has the type of flat, laptop-like keys I like, and is solar-powered. The press release says indoor lighting should be sufficient, and if that turns out to be true, this may well be the ideal combination of wireless freedom and battery-free convenience. Very clever stuff.

Now I realize that somewhere inside this thing there’s a battery. So eventually, when my future K750 is in the state my Ultra-X is in now, it’ll be a little harder to recycle. But at $80, and given Logitech’s track record, I’m expecting it to last for a long time. Now all I need is a motion-powered(?) mouse to go with it.