Idea: A mobile network performance statistics app?

People here in the Netherlands will often complain about poor 3G data speeds. Twitter is full of people complaining about T-Mobile. Some will suggest Vodafone for better reception, while others agree that KPN has the best network. I simply don’t know. And to my knowledge, no independent studies have been done recently. So maybe it’s time for a community app that measures network performance, and reports back to an independent database?
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What’s slowing down my blog?

Page download time

I changed themes mid December, and according to googlebot’s stats, pages have been taking twice as long to load since then. This got me thinking. What was it I added that caused this? Surely I didn’t make the pages twice as heavy?
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Whoohoo! 10,000 downloads!

I just checked the download stats on the WP-Cumulus page at, and saw that the plugin has been downloaded over ten thousand times. Unfortunately, I have no idea how many people downloaded it from this blog before I moved it to the WordPress server, but the total number of users is probably even higher.

10,000 downloads is insignificant when compared to the hundreds of thousands downloads registered for some other plugins, but i’m pretty excited that so many people have taken the time to give WP-Cumulus a try.

Releasing WordPress plugins… site stats

I was amazed last week when I released my Youtuber plugin for WordPress. I posted the plugin, went to sleep and by the time I woke up Weblogtoolscollection had already picked up on it. Their RSS feed is on pretty much every WP dashboard out there, and comments and trackbacks were coming in even though it had only been a couple of hours since I posted. The same thing happened a few days later when I decided to release the this.player plugin.
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