How to show each post’s date in WordPress

clockThe templating system in WordPress is very flexible, and there’s rarely something you can’t do or that doesn’t work as you’d expect. A notable exception however is the_date. Its purpose is simple enough. It displays the current post’s date of creation. But on pages with more than one post (such as on many blog home pages), something weird happens. If a number of posts on any given page were created on the same date, the_date will only show that date for the first of those posts.

In the early days of blogging, posts were usually listed by date, much like a regular, paper diary. In the old default theme that comes with WordPress a big date title is used to separate posts into days. That’s what the_date was created to do, and so it makes sense it only displays the same date once. In most modern themes however, people like the date to be among the meta data for each article, so the_date falls short.
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Guest design by Blondmonster

fishyI’d been meaning to do a proper redesign of this blog for some time. The content part was reshuffled a couple of months ago, and I was pretty pleased with how that turned out. But the header was a watered down version of the old Papertrail theme and far too boring. That’s why I asked Blondmonster to help me out.

Suzanne‘s a former colleague, and a fabulous designer. I really like the stuff she does, and ‘boring’ is simply not in her vocabulary. She came up with the underwater theme, did all the drawing and all I had to do was put it all together. Hope you like the result. The theme was tailor-made for this blog, so don’t expect it to become available for download any time soon.

Test driving a new theme…

As of now, ‘m testing a new WordPress theme on this site. I haven’t decided on a title yet, and there’s tons of little stuff missing, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be releasing this one sometime this or next month. The most important thing to sort out is decent widget support. This was sorely lacking from some of my earlier themes, and instead of updating them I decided to dedicate the time to designing a new one altogether.

I wanted to use a white background to increase readability, and I’m using Flash movies to do some typography tricks that plain HTML doesn’t know yet. Other than that it’s a relatively simple theme that will be easy to modify by anyone who isn’t completely allergic to style sheets or HTML.

So, what do you think?

My themes and WordPress 2.3

I’ve been getting a lot of email asking me whether I’m going to be updating my themes to work with the new WordPress version that was released a couple of weeks ago. The short answer is ‘yes’, but there’s a ‘but’. I’m writing this from a spyware-ridden PC in an internet cafe in Bali, Crete, where I’m on vacation with my family. I’ll be back home next week and I hope to find the time to work on a new version for my themes. I’ll post the new versions here of course. Please hang in there a little longer…

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Modified themes

Nikkocity’s modified Positive Feeling theme

One of the things I like about releasing WordPress themes is seeing what people do with them. Some just take out the credit link, other change so much I barely recognize my original work. And that’s a good thing. I try and make my themes easy to modify and do not attach any kind of license (which I know to be stupid, but I haven’t had the time to read up on things like Creative Commons).

Anyway, I liked Nikko City’s version (image above) of my Positive Feeling theme so much I thought I’d share it. They didn’t even change all that much, but seeing my layout used to sell Japanese cooking equipment made my day.

Matt of contacted me a couple of days ago to let me know he added my Tranquility themes to his list of best WP themes. It’s always nice when someone adds your work to any kind of shortlist. Thanks Matt.