Having trouble with VNC and Unity? Try this!

The latest version of Ubuntu, released two months ago, replaced the Gnome desktop interface for a new one called Unity. In terms of simplicity and speed, I quite like Unity, but I found that operating it through VNC was horribly slow. Often, I’d be unsure whether VNC was still connected. Screen updates would sometimes take minutes. Today, I found a workaround that makes VNC usable again for me.
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Five things the PC industry can learn from Apple

While I don’t always agree with the way Apple conducts business, there are alot of things the Windows PC industry can learn from them. I often help people pick a new PC, and there are things I bump into every time that make the process of picking, buying and setting up a new PC unnecessarily cumbersome. Here are five things I think HP, Acer, Asus and all the others could learn from the way Apple does things.
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Tell Chrome who you are!

Google ChromeOne of the first things I noticed when I started using my new router, was that I could not log in to the device’s web interface using Chrome as a browser. Like many other routers (I’ve had at least two, including a Linksys one), my new Draytek doesn’t really use the username field, and the manual advices to leave it empty. But it seems that’s exactly why Chrome is having trouble. When I tried ‘admin’ instead, I was able to log in.

So, if you’re having trouble logging in to configure your router, try using a generic name like ‘admin’, ‘user’ or ‘root’, or see if the manual lists a default username. Not because your router needs you to enter it, but because leaving the username field empty seems to upset Chrome. This issue probably isn’t exclusive to routers, but most other services will require a username anyway.

Firefox tip: keep popups resizable

Firefox javascript settings

One of the first things I do when I install Firefox is go to the advanced javascript settings and unselect “Move or resize existing windows”. There are tons of pesky sites out there that resize your browser window through irritating scripts, and this keep them from doing so quite effectively. As with all technologies though, there are occasional sites that use similar scripts for good. Some open popup windows for images and adjust their sizes to fit the content for instance. With the javascript setting I described above, this leaves me with a non-resizable popup of the wrong size. Usually a very small one with large contents. Grrr…
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