WP-Cumulus for Flickr anyone?

flickr widget screenshot

This distracted me from client work yesterday. I tried modifying WP-Cumulus to load thumbnail images from a Flickr RSS feed instead of passing it WordPress tags. The results surprised me, because I was expecting to see all sorts of depth sorting weirdness. However, because of the limited number of images and the way I distributed them over the sphere, you can hardly spot any quirks.
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Assorted WP-Cumulus news

There’s been a lot going on in what is becoming the WP-Cumulus ‘universe’. For one thing, the original WordPress plugin has been downloaded well over 60.000 times now. The increase in popularity has pretty much made my inbox explode. I try my very best to at least reply to everyone but it’s getting to the point where I won’t be able to. So please be patient if it takes a while and excuse me if your message slips through.
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Yay, I made another list…

Somebody once told be that whatever you do as a multimedia designer, you should always ‘shine’. By which he meant exposing your work to an audience as much as you can, and enjoying the feedback. That’s why I’m not going to hide it, I love being included in ‘top somethingsomething’ lists. Especially when the other people on said list are people I admire very much.

My blog currently ranks very high on Technorati (#18 on the day of this post), but I think this list is far more relevant. Apparently, I’m the #53 WordPress plugin developer. Largely thanks to WP-Cumulus’ download counter which is well over 50k. Thanks!

Another quick WP-Cumulus update

Several users have contacted me about the same issue with WP-Cumulus this week. On non-English (and mostly European) language blogs some of the tags would display either very small or humongously big. This turned out to be caused by internationalization of numbers in the inline style sheets in WordPress’ tag cloud. I have no idea why this only popped up now, but the Flash movie wasn’t built to handle 9,55pt tags (instead of 9.55pt).

Version 1.17 fixes this issue, and adds a highlight color setting.

Oh, and Ryan Tomlinson has ported WP-Cumulus to BlogEngine.NET. More about his project here.

About WP-Cumulus in Chinese

I’ve been getting questions about a possible Chinese version of WP-Cumulus almost on a daily basis ever since I posted the first version on wordpress.org. I’ve tried to reply to all of them with basically the same answer. That I’d tried to create one but failed. And secondly that although perhaps possible, a Chinese version might not be usable due to file size issues. I looked into this again today to see if I could confirm that second claim, and here’s what I found.
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WP-Cumulus for Drupal is simply called “Cumulus”

Pratul Kalia emailed me this week that he and Björn Jacob have ported WP-Cumulus to Drupal. Instead of going for a clever name like “Blogumus” or “Joomulus” he opted to simply go with “Cumulus”. How about “Drupumus”, Pratul? 😉

Anyway, if you’re using Drupal and would like an animated tag cloud, be sure to check out http://drupal.org/project/cumulus.

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WP-Cumulus 1.16: A quick fix…

Yesterday’s 1.15 version of WP-Cumulus caused a serious issue for some users. If the plugin was set to display categories, and all of them contained the same number of posts, the color assignment algorithm would fail and tags would turn black. I was able to quickly fix this and while doing so I also decided to try and lower CPU usage.
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WP-Cumulus 1.15: Color!

Ever since I released the first version of WP-Cumulus, people have been asking me for color support. While I agreed that multi-colored tags would probably help make Cumulus look even better, there were a few obstacles to overcome.
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WP-Cumulus ports for TYPO3, Serendipity and Joomla

A lot of people have contacted me asking whether they could port WP-Cumulus to their CMS of choice. While it’s nice of them to ask, the GPL license wouldn’t let me stop them even if I wanted to. Which I don’t. I love how this little project of mine is spreading like wildfire. I’ve hardly been able to keep up with the comments on my blog and the Cumulus-related email I get. I now know what people mean when they say the response has been overwhelming.

So to answer this question once and for all: Yes, you can. As long as your stick to the GPL license you can do anything with WP-Cumulus. If you port Cumulus to a new platform, please let me know so I can write about it in posts like this.

Here are three(!) new ports recently released by their respective authors. Thanks to Christian Philipp (TYPO3), Rob Antonishen (Serendipity) and Big Bear (Joomla) for their work.
More WP-Cumulus ports for TYPO3, Serendipity and Joomla

Tweet3D: WP-Cumulus and Twitter mashed up…

Edward Terry‘s Tweet3D lets you few any Twitter user’s most frequent topics as a 3D tag cloud. I’m not quite sure what kind of (undoubtably very clever) magic goes on behind the screens, but it appears that the topics are frequently used words. Somehow, Tweet3D extracts these from previous tweets and passes them to Cumulus to be displayed. Pretty nifty stuff!

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